WMS:Best Data Available

Best Data Available Service

This is the main service, which attempts to provide a seem-less data-set composed of the best available natural colour data covering Alaska. It is composed of three layer groups “bdl_low_res”, “bdl_mid_res”, “bdl_high_res”. The layers are intended to be used in the Alaska Albers, NAD83 projection, but could be used in other projections without major problems. Please keep in mind that other projections will be slower, and might not render well in all cases.

The url for this service is http://wms.alaskamapped.org/bdl?
and the GetCapabilities document for the BDL

The bdl_low_res layer contains the Blue Marble Next Generation July dataset (NASA BM-NG website). It is intended to be viewed at scales greater than 250m per pixel

The bdl_mid_res layer contains a Landsat mosaic generated by the USGS from data acquired from 1988 to 1992 and a simulated true colour Landsat mosaic provide by Earthstar Geographics LLC. It is intended to be viewed at scales greater than 15m per pixel. Imagery copyright Earthstar Geographics.

The bdl_high_res layer contains data from a variety of sources and is intended to be viewed at scales from 25m per pixel to 1m per pixel. Images courtesy of Digital Globe, USDA-NRCS, USDA-FS, USGS, BLM, NPS, FAA, Alaska DNR, DMVA, DCED, DOT&PF