Extras Service
The BDL Extras service is a “grab bag” of raster layers and houses the layers that do not have a logical place within the main BDL service. The layers are, for the most part, stored in Alaska Albers, NAD83, but could be used in other projections without major problems. Please keep in mind that other projections will be slower, and might not render well in all cases.

The url for this service is “http://wms.alaskamapped.org/extras?” . Here is a link to the capabilities document .


This group provides four layers, “drg_24k”, “drg_25k”, “drg_63k”, “drg_250k”, which contain the USGS topographic maps for the scales 1:24,000, 1:25,000, 1:63,360, and 1:250,000 respectively. For more information please see the USGS’s topographic maps website.





Pseudo Color Landsat

This group provides a single layer called “Mid Resolution Pseudo Color (15 meter)”. This layer is derived from the the Landsat datasets provided by OnEarth.

Shaded Relief NED
This group has one layer which provides a shaped relief dataset derived from the National Elevation Dataset (NED)

Blue Marble
This layer provides an Alaska centric version of NASA’s original Blue Marble dataset. It has been “brightened” up and only covers Alaska and the surrounding area.

Landsat Pan
This layer group provides a single banded dataset derived from Landsat 7’s pan-chromatic band. It was generated from the Landsat 7 datasets provided by OnEarth. It is broken up into two layers to increase the rendering speed.